Returning Home

What a joy to return to the place that God has called us to serve.  It has been a blessing and a challenge all at the same time. We have been blessed to have Gabe’s mom here with us helping with many different things.

We met our nurses (Alice & Augusta) with joyful hearts.  They have returned from their 6 months training in India.  They graduated with great grades and came back ready to work.  They even were chosen by the staff in India to go on “outreaches” and share the Gospel as they worked on patients.  They told us a few stories of their time in India.  I think they struggled most with the food and cold during the winter time there.  They really missed their own plasas (sauce) and rice.  They said that they missed it so much that one day they made a small pot of food on a heater that they had purchased…wow!  They were overjoyed to see our family again and meet Lucas.  They started working Monday July 1st with Gabriel in the clinic.

This week we have been facilitating the youth leadership camp for our third year in a row.  It has been wonderful.  There will be more stories to follow.  We are praying that these youth will take what they have learned and make changes in their lives.  We also pray that they will share what they learned with their church group, friends, family and community.  They have been learning about servant leadership, leading with integrity, and Biblical dating principles.