Our Ministry

Dr. Herrera working with a dental patient

God has opened several doors through our ministry to share the Gospel.  Our ministry consists of operating a Dental Clinic, leading Mobile Medical and Dental Teams, and Youth Leadership Camp/Training/Discipleship.

Dental Ministry

One of the most practical ways we serve Sierra Leoneans is through Dental Ministry.  We have a dental clinic based at the Hope Center in Jui, which offers services of Fillings, Extractions and Cleanings.  The Dental Clinic is located outside of Freetown giving those coming from far distance easier access to care.  The clinic operates on a first come first serve basis giving each person equal opportunity to be treated.  We share about Jesus and his love with the patients, we pray with the patients and we take the time to explain the procedures and the treatment to the patients.  In addition, we hold special clinic days to serve orphans and widows.

Mobile Medical/Dental Ministry

The great thing about the Dental Ministry is that it is mobile as well.  Throughout different times of the year we go “upcountry” to the villages and serve the people who are in desperate need of care but have no opportunity or means to leave their village to be treated.  We serve alongside Pastors in the villages encouraging them and learning from them and helping them meet the needs of the people. Hosting Mobile Medical/Dental Teams is another way that we minister to the people here in Sierra Leone.  We have three target areas in which we are currently working and establishing relationships.  Many times we form teams made up of our staff here in Sierra Leone and individuals from other churches/organizations who want to serve alongside us here in our ministry.  We set up a clinic in the village for three to five days, depending on the size of the team and work from early in the morning until the evening time.  In the evening time we have a chance to build relationships with the people of the village and many times will also share the Jesus film.

Youth & Discipleship

Our newest ministry is among youth, realizing the need for youth discipleship, empowerment and leadership.  The term youth here in Sierra Leone encompasses ages 18 years to 35 years of age.  This is a broad range but a group that desperately needs to be shown leadership, discipleship and servanthood.  These youth are the ones that have the best chance for changing their own country and making it a better place for future generations.