Pray for Adama

Jul 25, 13 • News

If you have ever experienced dental pain, you know it can be one of the worst types of pain.  Adama is a sweet young lady who came to the HC Dental clinic last week.  She came all the way from Lunsar (about 1.5 hours from Jui) with obvious pain, swelling and fever.  She told Gabe and the nurses that one week ago she had a wisdom tooth extracted.  There is a high probability that someone who was not a registered dentist extracted her tooth and there are possibly remaining roots still in the bone.  According to Gabe she presented with a condition known as Trismus, in short meaning that the swelling was so bad that the jaw was basically locked shut.  She was only able to open her mouth a few centimeters…not even enough for a proper exam.  The only thing Gabe was able to see was the pus that was draining from inside her mouth.

Gabe had to refer her to the major hospital in Freetown to the dentist who is a good friend. She needed xrays and IV antibiotics.  The HC clinic is covering the cost of her medicines, and xrays because she would not be able to get treatment otherwise.  She has been instructed to come back to the HC clinic when her swelling has gone down significantly.  It is not often that we have to refer patients, but in these severe cases there is no choice.           ( Picture posted with her permission)

Please pray for Adama:

  1. Pray for healing and restoration of her face/jaw/mouth
  2. Pray that she will see how God has taken care of her life, because for many this would cause long-term damage or even death.
  3. Pray she would see the love of God through our nurses and Gabriel.
  4. Pray that God would give Gabe wisdom as he inspects the wound in these upcoming couple weeks, and that he would be able to find any remaining roots so that this will not happen again.

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